Top 10 Vouchers to save you money for week ending 19th April 2015

1. Tesco Direct Vouchers
£10 off £75 Spend at Tesco Direct – Use Code TDX-KNHT
£20 off £150 Spend TDX-HGRP
Expires on 20th April 2015
Visit Tesco Direct here

This is the equivalent to 13.3333333% discount!

2. Apple Student Discount
15% off Apple Store online using student discount – no voucher required.
Prices via this link already discounted! (even if not a student – can still get discount!!)

You can get the new macbook from only £902.40*, usual price is £1049*

Discount Valid until 31st December 2015
Vist Apple Store via this link (

3. Discount Voucher
10% off Voucher – Found via
Use the VC Exclusive Voucher Code: AFRMNUK415:EE3MD
Expires: tomorrow – 19th April 2015

4. House of Fraser Blue Cross Sale Event
There is up to 70% off top brands at house of fraser. Be quick as only valid this weekend. Ends tomorrow – 19th April 2015
No Voucher needed

5. Boden Discount
Get 20% Off & Free Delivery at Boden using the following Promo Code: W4W3
Valid until 19th April
Voucher found on

6. Joules Voucher
£30 off when you spend £120 (effectively 25% discount)
Use Code: Apr30
Valid Until: 19th April 2015
Visit Joules

7. New Look Voucher Code
Get 20% off at New Look – This is an Exclusive Voucher found on
Use Code: NLSALE20
Expires: 21st April 2015
Go to New look

8. American Golf Discount
Get £10 off £100 spend or £25 off £250 spend (10% discount) at American Golf Online
Use the following Codes:
PLAYGOLF10 – £10 off £25
PLAYGOLF25 – £25 off £250
Visit American Golf here

American Golf must have decided now is the time to get the sales in after the Masters has finished and all golfers are feeling excited after watching such an amazing competition.

9. Mainline Menswear Voucher Code
Get 15% Off at Mainline Menswear using Voucher code found here:

10. The Protein Works Voucher Code
This is not a Voucher but worthy of a mention. Over at we found a Buy One Get One Half Price Deal. So some good savings on Protein. No Voucher Code required.

Bulk up or Get in shape for the summer using this great deal.

*Prices correct at time of posting

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Why you should take writing your Resignation Letter Seriously?

When you have decided to leave your day job and hand in your notice, you could be thinking of writing something nasty or funny when writing your resignation letter.  Groupon’s ex-chief exec Mr Andrew Mason wrote a jokey letter…

After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today. If you’re wondering why… you haven’t been paying attention – source

Now you may also want to do something the same to your boss, but Gary from suggests you stay professional at all times. Who knows, you could end up working with these people again in the future and if you upset them then you will no doubt get a hard time later on. Don’t burn those bridges as they say!

Now it is unlikely that any CEO will have to worry about this but for the general joe blogs who will more than likely need another job, it’s very important to remain positive. You may also need to ask them for references or they could be contacted by future employers.

My favourite Resignation Letter would be:

Dear Sirs,


Sincerley – source

Job done, although that’s probably only going to get on your old boss’s goat!

‘You can find more advice on how to write your resignation letter on the Resignation Letters website

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There Be May a Quick Cash Advance Online Provided The Money You’ll Need At This Time

Have you been and deficit cash before your payday that is approaching battling but you would like to remove loan debt by by signifies of? This means that you would like to take refuge of three-month 2 hrs. This is a deal where you’ren’t heading to requested to the whole cash at once perfect settle it through payments that are suitable. During a couple of months months, you enjoy in this loan offer and so, everything can be settled by you according to your decision.

Specific advantages are offered by government to anybody that is several. These loans are issued by the lenders when applying this foundation no more. Therefore, should you be getting some advantages from your government you are going to want to show the date as well as the amount when the bank check is being got by you. Immediate payday loans for people on benefits perfect aid in the full time cash problem. Can allow it to be possible that you unravel any sort of postponement to all financial problem in few hrs time.

There’s a lot of main benefits of the thirty day period payday finances. More affordable may be acquired by the debtors using the loans in interest quite handily. They uncover calm via most of the formalities of the particular loans and also might use on the web. No security is compared by the lenders for reduce. Even the lenders enable it to be simple them all to get along with pay these loans that are online. So, the debtors like to these loans for pressing cash needs and their short term.

This report will reveal and give you qualifications which you must have before you determine and apply in the payday businesses and a website to use on. Below are a few of the payday companies, consider in examining each time and they’ll undoubtedly be convenient to.

What might be credit financing that is insalubrious? Folks are becoming in addition lives that are broke falter. The most common reason operating behind affliction is ignoring the payment of expenses. It goes way-out of hand for almost all people! Poor credit loans are appropriate for folks adhered on such urgent times. All these are given to a person that has no a credit file or lousy credit file.

To get No Credit rating evaluation Loan’s cash it gets me question to see through some program standards. One require maybe not try program process as it completely prevents end of paper directions. Paper qualifications are accepted by the lender no more. Instead he is able to allow it to be safer by providing on-line program capability to the borrower.

You must concede the internet form to the lender with enclosing each of the particulars that are vital about jacob. This is supposed to be performed of goes for confirmation really as an outcome and the borrower gets the cash. Access is got by the borrower to the cash as long as the provided details may be discovered accurate in regards to the certificate from your bank.

The Company agency Bureau claims a present on-going scam is really just where counterfeit bill collectors call someone to tell them a money payday loan was not reimbursed by them. The individual phoning may say sum of money owed has grown to $1,000. The person calling can say find if do not need to instantly funds statement be detained. The person calling might need paypal or personal account or charge card info.

Do not drop for the scam! Added believable will function as the caller may understand where presently used, what may possibly increase the chance for scam. He can even understand the names of specialist colleagues.

You does not need to need to hunt much to understand the quotes for installment loans only no credit discover out. It’s possible for you to browse and discover the rate satisfying your monetary standards. Living at Hawaii would show to eventually become yet another advantage for you with regard. It’s really because the household that’s residency evidence in Hawaii is extended readily by Hawaii no credit check loans.

Moreover, they provide sum that is greater at rate that is fair. You had be sanctioned the specific loan sum changing. The re-payment period would continue till 30 scenarios. It’s possible for you to pay off the whole sum in payments that are modest through the entire month. Expensive must describe any assessment of creditworthiness. You wouldn’t be checked for just about any variable additionally. It might be county court judgments
In the event you fulfill all conditions loans disbursed and will most likely be accepted after entry of the application within the hour. Upon acceptance it has to be deposited to the borrower’s account. Other lenders might want that be used at least a few weeks with same that is exact, present company. are on-Line and will be here now to reveal you a safe protected and easy quick cash advance! The most effective unsecured quick payday loan can be guaranteed by us approximately! Thus, get your payday loan program that is unsecured began today and be in your approach to less fiscal pressure in seconds.

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Save money on your bad smoking habits

Smoking is not only a bad habit, it’s actually an addiction. The addiction is also a form of a disease which is why it can be so difficult for people to give up. Sometimes it takes a life event such as losing a friend of family member to make that person stop or at least take action to try and give up.

For me I don’t smoke. I’ve tried it and didn’t like it luckily enough. But I can see how people get addicted to it for several reasons. Some people are social smokers and feel they can’t go outside and chat to their friends unless they have a cigarette in the hand. It can be a nerves issue for some, it helps give them confidence.

Over the years there has been many different products that help people to try and stop, such as patches being the most common. People have also resorted to Hypnotherapy treatment to try and train their mind to stop. A more recent and popular product these days which not only claims to be cleaner, healthier but is also a lot cheaper. It is also much better for passive smokers. Bring on the electronic cigaretter. It’s the year 2014 and about time we had a smart gizmo for those brown finger smoking wannabe’s out their!

I did a bit of research as I wanted to check what companies sell these products. Not any high streets or newsagents yet that I can see. I think it’s a bit early in the research phase. Maybe in a few years time, we’ll see those refillable cartridges in local corner shops! I did notice one company called who manufacturer their products in the UK. They also currently are offering a 10% Intellicig discount code on all online orders! We hope this helps save you money and also helps you reduce the tar into your lungs by using other alternative methods to smoking those rotten cigarettes!

If any you have had any experience with any Electronic cigarettes please comment so other readers can benefit from your opinion whether it has been good or bad!

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10 Money Saving Websites to help save you money online

The internet has changed the way we live our lives. Even high street shops are struggling since more and more people are turning to shopping online and having their products delivered to their door. It saves hassle, time and also money sinc most things you buy online are generally cheaper because you can shop around very easily until you find the cheapest product you want. We have decided to compile a list of the 10 favourite websites that will help you save money today when doing you online shopping.

1. – This is one of the leading voucher code websites. They have a lot of exclusive discounts having partnered up with many of the leading UK retailers.

2. – A cashback website which pays you back 100% of commission generated everytime you shop after clicking through via a Quidco Link

3. – A comparison website to help you cut the cost down on your Energy bills such as gas and electricity, but they also compare mobile phone deals, broadband, insurances and more

4. – A group buying website. When a new store needs to promote their business, they ofter start off with amazing promotions on group buying sites like Groupon. You can find some gems in here but Groupon have also had bad press

5. Money Saving Expert – A blog created by Martin lewis, the guy that is now on ITV morning TV. He built it into a community of money saving wannabes so you can share your tips and tricks on how to save money as well as how well you’ve done each month if you really can be bothered!

6. – Save money on your petrol by finding the cheapest station near to you

7. – Fancy a nice posh luxury holiday but can’t afford to pay the 5 star prices. Sign up to SecretEscapes newsletter and be the first to hear about amazing secret holiday promotions.

8. – A Deal community where deals are shared and posted by forum members and rated on how useful or hot they are. A lot of gadget type stuff but still some good deals to be found on here.

9. – This isn’t really a money saving website as such but it will save you money compared to other mobile phone networks. You basically get a Free sim card and pay monthly for certain phone tariff packages. From as little as £5 per month and cheap calls, it had to be worthy of sharing on my blog!

10. Lucky Voucher Codes – A new voucher code site that we’ve seen pop up recently. It was worthy of a mention since I liked how easy the site was to use and how quick it was to find the vouchers I needed. I also like the brand name and felt lucky having saved £170 on a recent holiday I booked and used the code I found on there.

If you have found any website useful that has helped you save money, please feel free to comment and share. We may add them to the list if we think they are useful!

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Payday Loan Broker Prompts The Need To Audit Your Finances

When considering taking out a payday loan online, it’s worth evaluating your finances first. You may be taking out this form of short term loan for the first time or you could be someone who needs to borrow cash several times for those difficult months to take care of unexpected bills. Whatever the reasoning, before you borrow using a payday loan, ask yourself some basic questions. Can I afford to pay back this loan, can I pay this back on time including any interest charges and can I make sacrifices to my monthly budget to make sure I don’t get into a debt spiral.

The first step is to jot down your outgoings. Look at those expenses that are luxury items. Could you live without this for a few months to get yourself back on track? Failing to audit and budget properly will mean you could end up paying back more than is needed. We understand that people may need to get cash quickly in order to pay for an urgent bill that they simply didn’t have enough money for. This is what these payday loans are generally there for. However making sure you don’t continue to take out multiple loans just because you haven’t made the arrangements to manage your finances for the short and long term period is the advice that are trying to encourage.

It’s not just luxury items where people may overspend. A lot of people overspend on food shopping every week. Buying items that go off before they failed to check the date on the packaging, buying on an empty stomach just because you fancy that treat meal! Failing to plan a weekly food diary will also mean you make extra visits to the local convenience store to top up on groceries which will be more expensive and you’ll end up buying extra items for the sake of it. There are plenty of areas where you would be surprised you could cut back on and save. All it takes is to just sit down and budget.

Payday Loans Quickly – An Online Payday broker understands the short term financial needs of their customers. They also promote responsible lending. Visit their website for more information on payday loans.

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Have You Been Treated Fairly By a Payday Lender?

Would you like to be treated fairly if applying for a payday loan online? Of course you would. A recent survey revealed some interested stats about how some payday lenders applicants are being treated. The report was done by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) of those affected for the first part of 2013. We are sure the situation with some lenders has got even worse since then too.

10% of all complaints to the Citizen Advice felt payday lenders treated them unfairly. 1 in 5 complaints were related to fraudulent activities which means that still many payday lenders are not taken serious action and precautions to protect details submitted for new applications. Basically people taken out loans in other peoples names! To cause more problems for those innocent people, their credit scores were affected as they didn’t pay back the money. Why would you if you didn’t take out the loan in the first place! The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) needs to really crack down on this.

Other complaints to the CAB were about being harassed by spam phone calls, text messages. Some feedback was also about being pressured into taking out rollover loans to pay off existing payday loans causing more potential debt for the consumer.

At least the Citizens Advice Burear are doing something by kicking off a campain to help raise awareness of people that have sufferred from unprofessional or fraudulent attacks by payday companies. I think this a step in the right direction for the payday loan industry.

If you have been affected, please complain to the CAB as this will help get rid of those dodgy companies and also scammers stealing other peopls money by taking out loans in their names!

Author of Post: My name is David smith and I run several payday matching service websites. My latest being to help consumers finding reputable payday lenders. It’s complaints like this that effect other businesses that do try and operate on the right side and to try and help the consumer. I’m happy to see more awareness and hope it improves the industry as a whole.

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Payday Loans are not all that bad

We all hear the bad reports from the press about the Payday loan industry and understandably. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) do need to correct some of the bad stuff out there, such as don’t offer these types of loans to people who simply cannot afford it, limit the number of re-applications to 2 so that person could not spiral into debt.

However we do need to look at the bigger picture. If consumers could go to their bank and get an overdraft facility easier, or if banks offered better products to fix the short term financial problems for some individuals then not as many people would need to get themselves in trouble with payday loans.

I believe it is up to all parties involved to put the message out that these loans should only be used in certain situations by certain people – ie if you have suffered from bad credit in the past and need to borrow some money to repair the boiler that just broke down so you can heat the house for your kids and providing you can confirm you can pay this back then this may be a valid reason, but simply taking out a payday loan to pay for a new TV you wanted because you are on benefits may not be justifiable!

Payday Loans can be very helpful for those that simply cannot turn to other means such as their banks overdraft. They offer a faster service, so you can get your hands on the cash for those emergency situations. If you were to compare some bank overdraft fees as a percentage I would expect that the charges for going overdrawn several times to be worse than the amount you pay on a payday loan in many cases. Credit card fees too as well as some very high interest rates.

If the FCA can iron out some of these issues such as affordability, loan re-applications, set a limit on the interest rates some lenders charge then the industry will see improvement as there is clearly a need and demand out there for these types of loans.

Bio – Julia Johnson

I work in the financial industry and enjoy writing about the all finance topics. I recommend Fast Loans Express who will be able to get you the cash you need almost instantly. Please make sure you can afford it though.

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Thinking of Switching Accountants

An accountant is a crucial resource for many people. Ensuring that expert knowledge is close at hand can really help when it comes to both relieving the burden of your own finances and saving both time and money.

If you are contemplating changing your accountant but are holding on because you are concerned about how complicated or costly it may be, think again.  Or, if you are worried that by following your instincts, you will somehow cause offense to your existing accountant, once more it is time to think again.

First we should explain why people seek to utilise the skills of an accounting firm.

Reasons to Use an Accountant

There are a huge number of reasons why people turn to an accountant – the main reasons being help with:

  • Reduced Tax Payments – Whether we like it or not, we all have to pay tax. You may try to calculate it individually. However, there are expensive penalties if you get it wrong and the chances are it is just not worth the risk. However good you think you are with numbers, you will not be an expert when it comes to working out tax payments. Taking advantage of the skills of an experienced, qualified accountant will allow you to access a variety of legitimate ways for you to pay less tax and save money.
  • Improved Profitability – An accountant will take comprehensive care of your accounts. They will assist you with budgeting and forecasting your cash flow, they will be able to help you with tax planning along with offering advice on how to free up cash flow and where you can make savings. As your business develops, they can advise you on managing growth to maximise your profits.
  • Save Time – Without doubt, maintaining accounts can be very time consuming. Using an accountant allows you to concentrate on the tasks that you specialise at.
  • Increased Accuracy – Accurate financial information will help to provide an accurate analysis of your business performance. This will enable you to assess what you have achieved as well as forecast and plan for the future. Should the need to try and raise additional funding in the future arise, accurate accounts will prove advantageous with your bank manager.
  • Impartial Business Advice – Whether your business is in the fledgling stage or you are attempting to expand your business, an accountant with broad experience across a variety of industries can offer you the best professional advice and business solutions.

Why Do People Switch Accountants?

Even now, people who are completely in control of their business affairs are fearful of changing accountant. The truth is though that there is no need to be fearful. As with any other service provider, if you have an accountant and you are not happy with the service that they are providing, switching from one accountant to another is not as difficult as you may think.

The process simply involves you contacting the new accountant and informing them that you would like to use their services.  Afterwards, your new accountant can take care of the rest by contacting your previous advisers and making the transition as smooth as possible.

So, if you are unhappy with your current accountant, do not think that switching will be more hassle than it is worth, because it really is very simple!

If your existing accountant is offering you an excellent pro-active service at a fair fee then stick with them.

Choosing The Right Accounting Firm

When choosing a good accountant, you need to look into:

  • Areas of Specialisation – What services are available?  Do they specialise in dealing with people in your particular industry? If you have specific needs, make sure your accountant has experience in that area. If not, you may have to pay for a more specialised service.
  • Customer Service – Do they provide a good service? Make sure your accountant responds to phone calls and emails promptly. You may also want an accountant who communicates in plain language, not financial jargon.
  • Fees – What are you likely to be charged, and when?
  • Registered – If they are going to do your tax return, make sure your accountant is registered.
  • Accreditations - Are they a member of a professional association? If they are, they have to meet the standards of the association. It also means that you can complain to the association if you are not happy with your accountant.

Tom Meadows works for SRG – Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers. A firm of accountants with a difference, our roots originate from 1887 so we can offer a huge wealth of experience and the very best advice, but being a small firm we can offer you a highly individual and personal service.

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Repairing Your Credit Rating with a Guarantor Loan

If your credit rating has taken a hit and you are struggling to successfully apply for a loan, you are more than likely aware of the difficulties of obtaining any new credit. In this current responsible lending era, a poor credit rating can result in a swift rejection from many financial institutions and wherever this is the case, you may well find that the only loans available come with an attached APR (Annual Percentage Rate) which is prohibitive at best.

Help is at hand though in the form of a relatively new form of credit known as a guarantor loan. Guarantor loans have been created to offer a little light at the end of the tunnel for applicants with a bad credit rating to ensure that they still have a realistic and affordable method of applying for a loan. So long as some simple requirements are met, such as the applicant being aged 18 or over, being in regular employment and, most importantly, having someone who will agree to co-sign the loan agreement to guarantee the monthly loan repayments should the borrower default, this type of loan is ideal.

Below we will explain how guarantor loans work in great detail.

Guarantor loans – How do they work?

Without that all important good credit rating, which plays a crucial role in offering proof to lenders that you possess the ability to maintain regular repayments, lenders are very likely to decline any application they view as a risky proposition. This is where the guarantor of a guarantor loan comes in.

By putting someone in a legally binding position to continue making the loan repayments should the borrower fail to do so, the risk to which lenders are exposed is substantially reduced. The guarantor will be expected to have a good credit record themselves, be in receipt of a regular income and will also generally be expected to be a homeowner. Because of the safety net offered by the guarantor, the current credit rating of the borrower becomes essentially irrelevant.

Though you can of course ask anyone to become your guarantor, it is probably safer to stick with close family members or friends. As your family and friends will hopefully know you far better than by judging you on your credit score, they will hopefully trust you enough to help you get back on a sound financial footing once more.

Due to the legality of the role that they will be undertaking, it is crucial that the guarantor is fully aware of the agreement that they will be entering into. If everything goes to plan though, the role of the guarantor will never come into effect.

Are there any associated benefits of using Guarantor Loans?

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a poor credit rating is finding a way to improve it. Without the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to make repayments on time and in full, a poor credit rating will stay just that. This leads to the obvious question of ‘how can I do this if no-one will grant my loan application?’ Through the use of a guarantor loan, you will have the opportunity to rectify this situation.

  • Improved Credit Rating: One of the primary benefits of a guarantor loan is that the borrower will receive the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to maintain a repayment schedule. If all the payments are made in full and on time, their credit rating will improve over time.
  • Ability to borrow a large amount: Unlike payday loans (which are also aimed at borrowers with a bad credit rating), if your guarantor has an exceptional credit score, you may be able to borrow loans of up to £5000.

Therefore if you have a poor credit rating, you need not worry about your prospects of getting a loan. Look for a trusted guarantor and then consider applying for a guarantor loan as your primary option.

Bio – Amanda Gillam

I work as a blog writer for a finance company called Solution Loans which specialises in Guarantor Loans. I hold a degree in financial management and enjoy writing about a variety of topics including finance, transport, travel, sport and business.

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